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13th May 2009

7:34pm: Update.
Copied from my personal blog,

Long time no update.
Here's what's happened:
Physical release was delayed until after the new year, but we had the digital updates by the night of 8.8.8. Currently, if you wanna check out where to get the album, check www.cobaltcore.com and look the the side-panel.
We'll be doing shows in about a month or so, just getting some of life's things out of the way (vacations, teeth-pulling, website-redesigning, etc...).
We thank you all for your patience, love, and general good vibes. Be vigilant.

-Jeremy Lee-

16th July 2008

1:19am: 8 . 8 . 8
The album is finally coming.

Are you ready?

16th March 2008

12:56am: .d.o.o.r.s.
one door closed, one door opens.
I am not the boy I once was.
Things seem different now.
Life seems like.... .m.o.r.e.
more tension, more aggravation, more fear, more depression
more uplift, more spirit, more joy, more happiness
more anxiety, more reason, more meaning....

and I only want more.


p.s. - due to monetary restrictions, we have had to put our work on hold.
this is no longer the case.  "Windowcut" is back in post-editing/mix/mastering phase.
expect more news soon.

27th April 2006

1:59am: updates: further notice
I've noticed something: As of right now, I rarely even remember this thing exists. So, for any of you kids that reads this, and is wondering just what the HELL is going on with us, either check out http://www.cobaltcore.com , or go check out our myspace account as http://www.myspace.com/cobaltcore .
I thank you for your patience.

3rd March 2006

2:37am: .at a snail's pace.
slowly, but surely, things are getting done. We are planning on any final touches for the Mastering Suite to be done on Saturday, so that by next Saturday (when we get the sound treatments/proofing) we can continue construction on the Vocal booth. This has been a long time coming, but we are finally getting our asses in gear.

Let me go back to January:
Since about October or November, Scary Lady Sarah ( http://www.agppresents.com ) has been playing a demo that Rob mastered down for her of our track "Anymore". Since then, apparently it's been making a few waves, because when we went to Nocturna in January, and our song came on... it literally packed the dancefloor. It was one thing to hear our music being played, but to have that effect on the crowd..... was amazing, to say the least. So since then, we've been full gear on working with the new tows for the music, and getting as much construction for the studio that we can done. Our self-imposed deadline for an "Anymore" single is March 18th, because that's the next Nocturna, and we want to be able to have a finished version for Sarah... I don't know if that will happen, but we're going to work our asses off to do it. Mind you, that's about 2 weeks from this Saturday, so I doubt it will happen, solely due to not being able to actually finish the vocal booth.... We'll see.

But I'm happy to say that we're also working on content for the Second and Third albums, having already finishing the major work for the last song on the Third album.... and starting work on the beginning song for the third tonight. Things are going to be great in these coming years, and I hope to share them with all of you.... right now, all of you are very few, but I doubt that'll stay that way.


13th November 2005

9:51pm: My, has if been that long since I've updated in the Band LJ? Well, the current status is pretty different, but still slow moving. But, the pace is FINALLY picking up.
The Studio is about 70% done, mostly we need to just build the Vocal Booth, and we're getting around that for the quieter songs for now. Currently, we're constructing the raised sound-proofed floor, but due to a health issue last night, we went another route, and ended up laying down some vocal tracks for three songs.

Whoa, wait a second. Three songs?!?!?
Just as I said, we recorded for Three songs: Mary, Mary and Windowcut off of the first album, and Lament off of the second.
We might go back and redo them (actually you can count on that) when the Vocal booth is done, for perfection reasons (we're our own worst critics), but for now, mastering is being done for a Four-track Demo hopefully to be in production and given out (for free, probably), for the X-mas holiday. Yay, we can finally give out presents!!!

Current status is that they are still in the mastering phase, but so far, for a spur-of-the-moment recording session, I was both impressed and amused. For some reason, when you train your voice a certain way, and you hear it played back to you, all the vocal inflections and ideas you originally had can sometimes not make the recording, due to your wanting to keep it "controlled" and perfect. Happy to say, by the time we were recording 'Mary, Mary', I was getting a bit comfortable with playing around. OVerall, it sounds.... for lack of a better term: Sexy.

That's all for now kids, feel free to leave some feedback, and I hope to post a demo or two more on the Myspace account, as soon as they're decently mastered.

-Jeremy of "Cobalt Core"

11th May 2005

9:52am: so it's been a while, and not a whole lot has been going on. Life for all of us has been..... hectic.
We've all had to deal with our demons lately, along with our responsibilities.
Looks like 2005 will be a year of change and growing for us all. And for the CC project as well. Working with a friend on his project, adding more to the CC roster, and building the studio, this is the beginning of the actual fruition.
I can't say that it's a chore....
Working on anything CC is a labor of love between all of us.
From the last time I (JEremy) have posted on here to now, Cobalt Core has aquired a MySpace band page.
All of the songs good enough to post are up there.
Ready for the mass public to hear.
Recent work has been mostly PRing and making new friends.
And we've been making friends with some Awesome bands.

Well, nothing much else to say right now, so if you have a chance, or just are bored, go check out the music.

-Jeremy from Cobalt Core

2nd March 2005

10:40pm: The beginning of a beautiful rela....er.... Well, Hi anyway.
So, I've been hounded, harassed, and heckled at to get a LiveJournal, so I thought:
"Hey, why is there cheese on the bottom of my sock?"
Then, I thought:
"Why does water get so wet?"
I thought:
"Well, maybe I should get a livejournal and post stuff about me/band stuff. I mean, why not??"

So, this is my own little space to rant and rave about the CC project, among others.
So yeah, the site is at:
Go check it out, listen to the music, and have fun.
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